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Q and A for Concessionary Travel Cards

I have a disability. Am I entitled to a Concessionary Travel Card? 

Please refer to our guide on eligibility and the evidence you’ll need to provide.

If you’re still unsure whether you qualify for a Disabled Concessionary Travel Card, please contact your local council


I’m disabled and need to have a Travel Companion with me as I’m unable to travel alone, how do I apply for a Disabled with Companion Travel Card? 

Please refer to our guide on eligibility and the evidence you’ll need to provide.

If you’re still unsure whether you qualify for a Disability plus Companion Concessionary Travel Card, please contact your local council 


I'm 60 in a few weeks’ time, when can I apply? 

Often, you can apply for a card a shortly before your 60th birthday, but this varies across local authorities. To find out when you can apply, please contact your local council


How do I use my Concessionary Travel Card? 

Using your card is simple. When you travel on the bus, all you need to do is: 

  • Show your card to the driver 

  • Place your card on the ticket reader 

  • Find a seat and enjoy your free journey 

Please remember your card can only be used by you. Allowing someone else to use it may lead to the card being cancelled and/or its renewal being refused.  

Where a Disabled with Companion Concessionary Travel Card has been issued, the companion will only be allowed to travel for free when accompanying the cardholder for the whole of the bus journey. 

Further information is available in the full terms and conditions of the scheme.

Where can I use my Concessionary Travel Card? 

Your Welsh Concessionary Travel Card is valid on all eligible local bus services that operate wholly in Wales, or on those commencing/terminating at points adjacent to Wales, provided that the cross-boundary journey does not involve a change of bus in England. You can also use selected rail services operating in Wales, as defined at

Please be aware, you can’t use your card on coach services such as National Express, Megabus or city sightseeing. However, companies may offer discounts to Concessionary Travel Cardholders. 

Further information is available in the full terms and conditions of the scheme. 


How do I find out about bus times? 

Traveline Cymru provides times and route information about all bus, coach, rail, ferry and air services in Wales. They offer an internet-based enquiry service which is available at You can also call them on 0800 464 00 00.   


Can I use my Concessionary Travel Card on a train? 

You can travel free on the following Transport for Wales rail services: 

  • Wrexham – Hawarden Bridge 

  • Machynlleth – Pwllheli (Cambrian Coastline) – October to March only 

  • Llandudno – Blaenau Ffestiniog (Conwy Valley line) 

  • Shrewsbury and Llanelli/Swansea (Heart of Wales Line) – October - March only

You’ll need to show your card to get a free ticket from the ticket office before you travel. If there’s no ticket office or if it’s closed, you can get one from the Conductor on the train.  

You’ll also get 1/3 off tickets to travel on the Cardiff and Valley network after 0930 Monday - Friday and any time at weekends and bank holidays. For more information please click here


Why does my Concessionary Travel Card look different?  

Your card has a fresh new look, but still offers all the same free travel rights and benefits on all eligible local bus services throughout Wales. There’s no difference between the benefits available on the new and old-style cards. 

If any of your friends and family are wondering why they haven’t received a new-style card yet, please tell them not to worry: all current card holders will be asked to reapply for new-style cards this autumn. Valid old-style cards will continue to be accepted until 31 December 2019. 


I haven’t received my new Concessionary Travel Card in the post, what do I do? 

You should allow 15 working days for your card to arrive by post. If you haven’t received it after this time, please contact your local council.


The details on my Concessionary Travel Card are incorrect or have changed, what should I do? 

It’s important that we continue to hold accurate information about you, so if your details are incorrect or you change your address, name or any other details, please contact your local council as soon as possible. 


When do I need to reapply for a new Concessionary Travel Card? 

The expiry date is shown on the front of your card. We’ll contact you nearer the time to remind you to apply for a replacement. 

If you have a Disabled or Disabled plus Companion Concessionary Travel Card, you may be asked to provide new evidence before the card expiry date. We’ll contact you at that time. 


How do I get a replacement Concessionary Travel Card? 

Please contact your local council if your card is lost or stolen. You may have to pay a fee for a replacement.  


I’ve requested a replacement Concessionary Travel Cards and have just found mine. Can I stop the replacement being issued? 

Unfortunately, no. As soon as payment is taken, a new card is automatically ordered, and the old card will be deactivated to prevent fraudulent use. There are no refunds. Please destroy your old card as it will no longer be valid. 


I have an old-style pass; can I get a new one? 

All current card holders will have the opportunity to apply for a new-style card in the autumn, further information will be available nearer the time. 


Are my personal details safe? 

Keeping your personal data safe is very important to us.  

Your information is held securely and used by your local council, Welsh Government and Transport for Wales to administer the scheme and prevent fraud. We'll only use your information for marketing purposes if you've given us permission. 

Your card displays your name and the expiry date and doesn’t contain any other personal details. 

Your local council publishes a privacy statement setting out how it uses your information. We also process your information in accordance with the Transport for Wales privacy statement.


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